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Nenggan Zheng, Ph.D., professor in computer science, Zhejiang University. He is the Ph.D. supervisor in computer science, artificial intelligence, and electronic & information engineering. Currently, he focuses on the machine learning theory, and the artificial intelligence applications in neural-behavior data analysis and brain computer interface.

 He is a senior member of IEEE, CCF(China Computer Federation), CAAI(Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence), CSIG and also a member of ACM and ICN(International Congress of Neuroethology). As the first author or corresponding author, he has published more than 60 papers in decent journals and top conferences, including Nature Communications, IEEE Trans, AAAI, IJCAI, JMEMS, and Scientific Reports. He has obtained 6 authorized patents and 3 software copyrights. He is actively serving the research community, working as a subject area editor of Journal of Systems Architecture, the co-program committee chair of IEEE CPSCom 2018, 2019, the track chair of IEEE CPSCom 2020, the program committee member of more than 20 Conferences, including AAAI2019, AAAI2020, IJCAI2020, ICML2020.

 His research work won the second prize of Lin Baixin High-Tech Award in 2011, the first prize of CAAI Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award in 2016, and the Top Ten Scientific achievements of Chinese Higher Education Institutions in 2016.

Selected publications:

Journal Papers

35.Weiqiao Zhao, Peipei Zhou, Caixia Gong, Zhenhuan Ouyang, Jie Wang, Nenggan Zheng*, Zhefeng Gong*, ’A disinhibitory mechanism biases Drosophila innate light preference’, Nature Communications, 2019, vol.10, no.124, pp.1-11.

34. Caixia Gong, Zhenhuan Ouyang, Weiqiao Zhao, Jie Wang, Kun Li, Peipei Zhou, Ting Zhao, Nenggan Zheng*, Zhefeng Gong*, ’A neuronal pathway commands deceleration in Drosophila light avoidance’, Neuroscience Bulletin, 2018, accepted to appear.

33. Nenggan Zheng, Qian Ma, Mengjie Jin, Shaomin Zhang, Nan Guan, Qiang Yang*, Jianhua Dai, Abdominal-waving Control of Tethered Bumblebees based on Sarsa with Transformed RewardIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics,  2019, vol.49, no.8, pp.3064-3073.

32. Qiang Yang, Chunzi Hu, Nenggan Zheng*, ’Data-driven diagnosis of nonlinearly mixed mechanical fautls in wind turbine gearbox’IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018, vol.5, no.1, pp. 466-467.

31. Ming Zhang, Nenggan Zheng*, Hong Li, Zonghua Gu, ’A Decomposition-based Approach to Optimization of TTP-Based Distributed Embedded Systems’, Journal of Systems Architecture, 2018, vol.91, Nov., pp.53-61.

30. Ming Zhang, Zonghua Gu, Hong Li, Nenggan Zheng*, ’WCET-Aware Control Flow Checking with Super-Nodes for Resource Constrained Real-Time Embedded Systems ’, IEEE Access, 2018, vol. 6, pp. 42394-42406.

29. Hui Hong, Xiaoyu Wang, Zhengfei Zhu, Qian Ma, Nan Guan, Nenggan Zheng*, ’An HSR data model for cyborg insect research experiments’Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2018, vol.27, no.4, pp. 680-686.

28. Jianhua Dai, Hu Hu, Qianghua Hu, Wei Huang, Nenggan Zheng, Liang Liu, ’Locally Linear Approximation Approach for Incomplete Data’IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2018, vol.48, no.6, pp. 1720-1732.

27. Qingling Zhao, Zonghua Gu*, Haibo Zeng, Nenggan Zheng. Schedulability analysis and stack size minimization with preemption thresholds and mixed-criticality schedulingJournal of Systems Architecture, 2018, vol.83, no.2, pp.57-74.

26. Weiqiao Zhao, Caixia Gong, Zhenhuan Ouyang, Pengfei Wang, Jie Wang, Peipei Zhou, Nenggan Zheng*, Zhefeng Gong*, ’Turns with multiple and single head cast mediate Drosophila larval light avoidance’,  PLoS ONE, 2017, vol.12, no.7, e0181193.

25. Hongyi Nie, Xiaoyan Liu, Jiao Pan, Wenfeng Li, Zhiguo Li, Shaowu Zhang, Shenglu Chen, Xiaoqing Miao, Nenggan Zheng, Songkun Su*. Identification of genes related to high royal jelly production in the honey bee (Apis mellifera) using microarray,  Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2017, vol.40, no.4, pp.781-789. 

24. Jianhua Dai,Qinghua Hu, Jinghong Zhang,Hu Hu,Nenggan Zheng. ’Attribute selection for partially labelled categorical data by rough set approach’. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2017, vol.47, no.9, pp.2460-2471.  

23. Jianhua Dai, Guojie Zheng, Huifeng Han, Qinghua Hu,Nenggan Zheng, Jun Liu, Qilai Zhang. ’Probability approach for interval-valued ordered decision systems in dominance-based fuzzy rough set theory’. Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 2017, vol.32, no.1, pp.703-710.

22. Nenggan Zheng, Mengjie Jin, Hui Hong, Lei Huang, Zonghua Gu*, Hong Li, ’Real-time and precise insect flight control system based on virtual reality’, Electronic Letters, 2017, vol. 53, no.6, pp. 387-389.

21. Zhaohui Wu, Yongdi Zhou, Zhongzhi Shi, Changshui Zhang, Guanglin Li, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Nenggan Zheng, Gang Pan, ’Cyborg Intelligence: Research Progress and Future Directions’, IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2016, vol.31, no.6, pp.44-50.

20. Zhaohui Wu, Nenggan Zheng*, Shaowu Zhang, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Liqiang Gao, Lijuan Su, ’Maze Learning by a Hybrid Brain-Computer System’, Scientific Reports, 2016, vol.6, no.31746, 12 pages.

19. Yipeng Yu, Zhaohui Wu, Kedi Xu, Yongyue Gong, Nenggan Zheng, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Zhaohui Wu, ’Automatic Training of Rat Cyborgs for Navigation’, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, 2016, vol.2016, no.6459251, 12 pages.

18. Yipeng Yu, Gang Pan, Yongyue Gong, Kedi Xu, Nenggan Zheng, Weidong Hua, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Zhaohui Wu, ’Intelligence-Augmented Rat Cyborgs in Maze Solving’, PLoS ONE, 2016, vol.11, no.2: e0147754.  

17. Nenggan Zheng, Lijuan Su, Daqiang Zhang, Liqiang Gao, Min Yao*, Zhaohui Wu, ’A Computational Model for Ratbot Locomotion based on Cyborg Intelligence’, Neurocomputing, 2015, vol. 170: 92-97. 

16. Huixia Zhao, Nenggan Zheng*,  Willi A. Ribi, Huoqing Zheng, Lei Xue, Fan Gong, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Fuliang Hu*, ’Neuromechanism study for Insect-Machine Interface: Flight Control by Neural Electrical Stimulation’, PLoS ONE, 2014, vol.9, no.11: e113012.   

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9.  Nenggan Zheng, Zhaohui Wu*, Man Lin, Laurence T. Yang, Wei Chen, “A Survey on Electronic Textiles”, Chinese Journal of Computers,2011, vol. 34, no. 7, 1172-1187.(郑能干、吴朝晖*、林曼、杨天若、程伟,电子织物研究进展”, 计算机学报347, 1172-1187)

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Conference Papers

29. Jun Wen, Nenggan Zheng*, Junsong Yuan, Zhefeng Gong, Changyou Chen, ’Bayesian Uncertainty Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation’, IJCAI 2019.

28. Deli Wang, Ting Zhao, Nenggan Zheng*, Zhefeng Gong, ’Two-Stage Voxel Level Training Data Generative Model for Large-Scale Microscopy Bioimage Segmentation’, IJCAI 2019.

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