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Dr. Nenggan Zheng is interested in artificial intelligence and cognition science, including learning algorithms, embedded systems, the neural mechanisms and behavior analysis of rats and bees. He received his bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering (2002) and the Ph. D degree in Computer Science, both from this University.


Selected publications:

1.    Lijuan Su, Nenggan Zheng*, Min Yao, Zhaohui Wu, "A computational model of the hybrid bio-machine MPMS for ratbots navigation", accepted, IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2014.

2.    Huixia Zhao, Nenggan Zheng*,  Willi A. Ribi, Huoqing Zheng, Lei Xue, Fan Gong, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Fuliang Hu*, "Neuromechanism study for Insect-Machine Interface: Flight Control by Neural Electrical Stimulation", PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(11): e113012. 

3.    Zhaohui Wu, Raj Reddy,Gang Pan,Nenggan Zheng, P.F.M.J. Verschure et al., "The Convergence of Machine and Biological Intelligence ", IEEE Intelligent Systems,2013, vol.28, no.5, 28-43.

4.   Man Lin, Yongwen Pan, Laurence T. Yang, Minyi Guo, Nenggan Zheng, ”Scheduling Co-Design for Reliability and Energy in Cyber-Physical Systems“, IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 2013, vol.1, no.2, 353-365.

5.   Huaiqiang Yu, Nenggan Zheng*, Wei Wang, Shuo Wang, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Zhihong Li,” Electroplated Nickel Multielectrode Microprobes With Flexible Parylene Cable for Neural Recording and Stimulation“, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2013, vol.22, no.5, 1199-1206.

6.    Nenggan Zheng, Weidong Chen, Fuliang Hu, Li Bao, Shen Wang, Huixia Zhao, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Zhaohui Wu,“Research Progress and Future Challenges on Insect-based Cyborgs”, Scientia Sinica Vitae, 2011, vol.41, no.4, pp. 259-272.


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