Xuemei Song

Associate Professor


Email: songxuemei@zju.edu.cn


Dr. Song obtained Ph.D. in Shanghai Institute of Biological Science, Chinese Academy of Science in 2007. She was a Research Assistant from 2007 to 2010, and Associate Investigator from 2010 to 2015 in Shanghai Institute of Biological Science. Using the in vivo single-unit recording and juxta-cellular labeling, she found that all labeled contrast-dependent (CD) cells were pyramidal cells, whereas all labeled contrast-independent (CID) cells were non-pyramidal cells, CIDf cells were spiny satellates and CIDs cells, smooth interneurons. She demonstrated the global distinction between summation properties of pyramidal and nonpyramidal cells and between the smooth and spiny nonpyramidal cells as well. Dr. Song joined Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience and Technology at Zhejiang University (Ziint) in September 2015 as an Associate Professor.


Research Interests:


How neurons locate in the modules? How modules locate in the area of the brain? How are the connections between the brain areas? These are the very basic questions in Neuroscience. When the number of the neurons accounts for more than 10% in some areas of the brain, I could catch it according to its functional properties in vivo, and label it. Then its details will be fully displayed, its origin and whereabouts can be tracked. I will use the magic technology to study the monkey brain, and to clarify the mechanism of learning, cognition and behavior of the monkey brain. Because the monkey brain is very similar to the human brain, these studies will lay a solid foundation for the understanding of the human brain.


Selected Publications:


1. Xue-Mei Song, Chao-Yi Li* (2008) Contrast-dependent and contrast-independent spatial summation of primary visual cortical neurons of the cat. Cereb Cortex 18: 331-336.

2. Xue-Mei Song, Wang Y, Zhu Z, Chao-Yi Li * (2010) Morphological bases of suppressive and facilitative spatial summation in the striate cortex of the cat. PLOS ONE 5, e15025.

3.   Ke Chen, Xue-Mei Song, Chao-Yi Li* (2013) Contrast-dependent variations in the excitatory classical receptive field and suppressive non-classical receptive field of cat primary visual cortex. Cereb Cortex 23: 283-292.

4. Tao Xu, Hong-Mei Yan, Xue-Mei Song*, Ming Li. (2015) Orientation selectivity in cat primary visual cortex: local and global measurement. Neuroscience Bulletin 31(5): 561-571.

5. Tao Xu, Hong-Mei Yan, Xue-Mei Song*, Ming Li, Yong-Jie Li. (2015) Silent suppressive surrounds and optimal spatial frequencies of single neurons in cat V1. Neuroscience Letters 597: 104-110.

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