Haihua Pan

Associate Professor


Email: panhh@zju.edu.cn
Tel: +86-571-8795-3736


Haihua join Zhejiang University in 2007. He has extensive experience on molecular dynamics simulation, atomic force microscopy, and nucleation kinetics. His research focus on the nucleation kinetics and nucleation pathways of amorphous minerals mediated crystallization and its control, the interfacial structure and interactions between mineral and organic biomolecules, and the biomimetic repairing of tooth and bone.

Selected publications

1.    S. Jiang, H. Pan, Y. Chen, X. Xu, R. Tang, Amorphous calcium phosphate phase-mediated crystal nucleation kinetics and pathway.Faraday Discussions179, 451-461 (2015).

2.    J. Wang, Y. Chen, L. Li, J. Sun, X. Gu, X. Xu, H. Pan, R. Tang, Remineralization of dentin collagen by meta-stabilized amorphous calcium phosphate. CrystEngComm15, 6151-6158 (2013).

3.    L. Li, C. Mao, J. Wang, X. Xu, H. Pan, Y. Deng, X. Gu, R. Tang, Bio-Inspired Enamel Repair via Glu-Directed Assembly of Apatite Nanoparticles: an Approach to Biomaterials with Optimal Characteristics. Advanced Materials23, 4695-4701 (2011).

4.    H. H. Pan, J. H. Tao, X. W. Yu, L. Fu, J. L. Zhang, X. X. Zeng, G. H. Xu, R. K. Tang, Anisotropic demineralization and oriented assembly of hydroxyapatite crystals in enamel: Smart structures of biominerals. Journal of Physical Chemistry B112, 7162-7165 (2008).

5.    J. W. Shen, T. Wu, Q. Wang, H. H. Pan, Molecular simulation of protein adsorption and desorption on hydroxyapatite surfaces. Biomaterials29, 513-532 (2008).



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