Xiaoyu Wang

Research assistant


Email: xy_wang@zju.edu.cn
Tel: 0571-87953736

Xiaoyu Wang received her Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical engineering from central south university. Then, she received her PhD in medicinal chemistry in Zhejiang University. Since September 2011, she joined the group of Prof. Ruikang Tang as a research assistant at Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies, Zhejiang University. Her current research has centered on the design and synthesis of novel virus-based inorganic nanocomposites, and their applications in delivery, vaccination and interactions with immune system.

Selected publications

1.    Song Z, Wang X*, Zhu G, Nian Q, Zhou H, Yang D, Qin C, Tang R: Virus capture and destruction by label-free graphene oxide for detection and disinfection applications. Small 2015, 11(9-10):1171-1176.

2.    Wang X*, Deng Y, Li S, Wang G, Qin E, Xu X, Tang R, Qin C: Biomineralization-based virus shell-engineering: towards neutralization escape and tropism expansion. Adv Healthc Mater 2012, 1(4):443-449.

3.    Wang X, He Z, Song L, Spencer S, Yang L, Peng F, Liu G, Hu M, Li H, Wu X et al: Chemotherapeutic effects of bioassay-guided extracts of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana. Integr Cancer Ther2011, 10(3):NP12-23.

4.    Wang X, Deng Y, Shi H, Mei Z, Zhao H, Xiong W, Liu P, Zhao Y, Qin C, Tang R: Functional single-virus-polyelectrolyte hybrids make large-scale applications of viral nanoparticles more efficient. Small2010, 6(3):351-354.

5.    Wang X, Sun L, Huang K, Shi S, Zhang L, Xu J, Peng H, Sun X, Wang L, Wu X et al: Phytochemical investigation and cytotoxic evaluation of the components of the medicinal plant Ligularia atroviolacea. Chem Biodivers 2009, 6(7):1053-1065.


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