QAAS Delegation Visited Pohang University of Science & Technology

2019 Joint Meeting for Sino-Korea International Collaboration Project “Optical Brain-Machine Interface was held in Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH), South Korea on July 12 to 16. Our team was invited by Heecheon You, the professor of the Director of Ergonomics Design Technology Lab of POSTECH .The purpose of this meeting is sharing the research progress and discuss ideas and concerns to develop effective user interface designs and algorithms for the brain machine interface research. In this meeting, the Chinese and Korean teams had a detailed exchange and discussion on surgical procedures, data processing and signal decoding. In addition, our team recorded the usage of inscopix2.0 software video before the meeting, and explained the usage method, common functions and advantages and disadvantages of the software to the Korean side during the meeting. Finally, the two sides discussed the UI interface designed by the Korean side in detail and put forward a series of improvement suggestions.

Source: Our students and Heecheon You’s lab staff

Source: Visit the Director of Ergonomics Design Technology Lab  

Source: Academic exchange on UI design

Source: Presentation of Korean team

Source: Presentation of Chinese team

Source: Discussion on future work

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