The group construction activity of our lab was successfully held

An efficient scientific research team not only has the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatic scientific research, but also needs to have appropriate relaxation and entertainment life. In order to enhance the cooperation ability and cohesion of team members and enrich their lives, during December 12 to 13, our lab held a happy group construction activity in Shanghai Disneyland for two days and one night.

At 8 am on December 12, lab members gathered at Yuquan campus and took a bus to Shanghai Disneyland. The guide briefly introduced relevant precautions to everyone, then students formed some teams to play freely in the park, began their dream exploration journey.

This group building activity allows students who are busy with scientific research work to relax their body and mind, and can also inspire students to brave the spirit of adventure and exploration. Through this activity, the understanding among lab members and the cohesion of the team were enhanced. I believe that students in our lab will be more positive, have healthy mental outlook and  continue to explore and advance in the field of neural engineering and brain-computer interface research.

(From:Changhao Liu   Photo:Mingkang Li)

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