About CBB

Centre for Biomaterials and Biopathways (CBB) of Zhejiang University was established in 2005, which is a highly interdisciplinary research platform on the  fundamental research of biomineralization and its explorations on biological applications. The research include, but not limited to: the interactions of biomolecules with biominerals, the nucleation kinetics and crystallization pathway of biomimetic mineralization, crystallization switch and controls, biomimetic repairing and re-mineralization of tooth and bone, biomimetic assembly of nano-minerals, the mineralization and functionalization of cells, vaccines, proteins, drugs, and their regulations on biopathways etc.

CBB has broad international connections with many institutes. Such as the Joint Graduate Training  Program with Harvard University , Uppsala University; International collaboration with National University of Singapore, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National  Laboratory.

CBB is located at Yuquan campus, close to the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. Welcome you to come here talking about biomineralization and its application, and the potential cross-disciplinary collaborations. Please feel free to contact us (rtang@zju.edu.cn).

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